Secrets the Water Offers

July 4th weekend, 2016
Secret Cove (Lake Tahoe) and Utica Reservoir





I’ve never experienced joy like I do when I’m in water, weightless, warm, wrapped inside of it, putting my feet into it not quite sure of what I’ll find on the bottom, listening to its lapping waves and dunking my head in to hear the world through a warped filter, jumping into it with abandon.

For me, happiness is sitting on a boulder in the middle of an emerald green lake, playing my ukulele, rocking with the gentle waves as I rock along to my song.

And also pushing my kayak off the shoreline in the middle of the night beneath a blanket of stars on water so still and so silent you could swear you could get out of your kayak and walk across it.

Happiness is sitting perched on a granite slab in front of the fire you made and the camp you set up with the person you love most, feeling small and insignificant and thankful for a really incredible world.

More than anything, this is why I camp.



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